November 22, 2017

A partnership model

Working together to achieve success and longevity

It’s essentially that LMA “Head office” works in full collaboration with ALL Franchisees. We have 25 years experience in devleoping and maintianing the LMA Brand, and look forward to sharing this with many more like minded collaborators in the near future.

The LMA Territory model

LMA uses a territory model.

You can discuss with us your preferred territory / region.

You can start with a small affordable territory, and as you expand you can engage with LMA to purchse further regions. Expand as much as you like!

Long Term Vision

Our vision is for LMA to be accessible to every suburb in Australia and then to expand internationally.


The roles of the Franchisees and LMA Head office are similar in that our core values are to provide elite levels of customer service with every aspect of LMA. Marketing, Training, P.R, Accounting and so on. A franchisee agreement will define the roles, and our onlione portal / manual will ensure success is achieved and monitored.