November 6, 2017

Income Stream 1

NB - The Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program now caters for those up to 18yrs of age (Previously 14yrs). *Includes "VET Mapping" which can be achieved via RPL.


*LMA- Music Training Centre Franchises are able to operate the following suite of programs. Each
program utilises the same resources and teaching, but targeted for different age groups and skill levels.


Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Music Club - With an emphasis on fun, Music Club is the Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program that is ideal for 6-9 year old students.

Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Project Band - Project Band is the original Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program. For kids aged 10-14, Project Band takes their skills to the next level for students to rock their way to the top. This program is VET-mapped.

Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Mixed Age Project Band - Ideal for students of equal skill and interest level, that are looking to incorporate multiple ages into the same program. From 9 years to 18 years. Bands created depending on need, and created on a “case by case” basis allowing students to continue with their band and studies past the 14yrs age bracket. This program is also VET-mapped.

Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Teen Project Band - Teen Project Band is designed to further engage students into their teens. This program is VET-mapped.

Summer ROCKSCHOOL - To engage students over the Christmas School holidays. Summer ROCKSCHOOL is available as a 4-week program, separate to all other programs to help students to keep on rocking.

School Holiday Aussie ROCKSCHOOL - Similar to the Summer ROCKSCHOOL, the holiday programs are short bursts to broaden student skills, entertaining and fun.

Aussie ROCKSCHOOL On Tour - Aussie ROCKSCHOOL On Tour Program student bands perform direct to a school or community Centres *Specialising In “Vacation Care” orientated program formats.