November 6, 2017

Income Stream 2


Circuit Time Records - MUSIC INDUSTRY - CREATE
Circuit Time Records is a student run record label supporting a nation of emerging artists and musicians.

Circuit Time Records is a program where students participate in creative projects such as:

Film Clip creation

Short Films & Documentary Creation

Recording & Interviewing Bands / Artists

Radio & TV shows

....and much more.

Circuit Time Records promotes young creative students by providing creative opportunities for
students at all levels.


CTR's -Young Producers Club - With an emphasis on fun, the Young Producers Club is a program that is ideal for 6-9 year old students.

CTR's - Young Producers Club (Project Crew) - Young Producers (Project Crew) designed for kids aged 10-14, the projects will take students skills to the next level. This program is VET-mapped.

CTR's - Young Producers Club (Mixed Age Crew) - Ideal for students of equal skill and interest level, ages from 9 - 18 years. Projects care created on a “case by case” basis allowing students to continue on with their projects and studies past the 14 years age bracket. This program is also VET-mapped.

CTR's - Producers Club (Teen Crew) - Young Producers Club (Teen Crew) is designed to further engage students into their teens. The VET-mapped Young Producers (Teen Crew) provides engaging projects and high outcomes.

CTR's - Summer Producers Club - To engage students over the Christmas school holidays, Summer Producers Club is available as a 4-week program, separate to all other programs students have fun working on creative projects and learning new skills.

CTR's - School Holiday Young Producers Club - Similar to the Summer Producers Club , the Holiday Programs are short bursts to broaden student skills, encouraging informative and fun.