November 6, 2017

M.I.T.S – Music industry training system

The MITS or Music Industry Training System is the "overarching framework" created by LMA.

MITS Allows franchisees AND all students to use valuable resources and to actively participate in a "micro music industry" from day 1.

M.I.T.S encompasses the elements described below.

Our unique and exclusive learning experience, using power chords to fast track initial learning. With this system, students are able to learn 16 songs, perform 2 gigs, and record their own demo within the first 6 months ofthe Aussie ROCKSCHOOL Program.

LMAs Own CERTIFICATE LEVELS (Bronze through to Platinum)
Students work towards achieving in-house certificates or their participation. After 6 months, students are eligible for a Bronze Certificate, after 1 year they will have completed their Silver Certificate, 2 years for Gold, and after 3 years students will graduate with a Platinum Certificate. Students can receive all four certificate levels separately under Music Club and Project Band.

Circuit Time Records is a program with a series of creative projects for students suchas film clip creation, radio & TV Show creation, Recordings, Events , EP’s and much more!

C.T.R is also an ongoing multi-faceted "Mouth-piece" for ALL activities that occur throughout the LMA network......Performers collaborating with Technical students and staff from day1!

Programs are mapped into VET level certificates,which can be put towards achieving students education certificate in years 11 and 12. Students are not enrolled in VET, however, at the completion of the program, students are able to gain optional Recognition of Prior Learning towards a nationally accredited qualification.