November 22, 2017

What makes LMA unique


LMA has quite a specific and somewhat ambitious medium term goal, and that is to ensure ALL Australian suburbs have access to LMA Music Industry Training Centre Services.


Whilst Schools quite often teach the fundamentals or speicialise in “concert bands” / classicial music or Jazz….LMA has carved out a niche (after 25 years) in the area of Modern Music / Music Technology . Multimedia / film training to kids of all ages and all levels!


LMA proudly dates back 25 years and has worked with hundred of Schools during this time. We look forward to expanding this to many hundreds more, with the collaboration of our Fracnhisee Network.


LMA has strong infrastustructure, both in terms of equipment, industry partners, Training sites, expertise across various asepcts of Music Education, Business Development and Marketing.


M.I.T.S – Music Industry Training System.

For the purpose of a National “Micro Music Industry”, LMA has constructed important elements to ensure sufficient and successful rollout.


M.I.T.C – Music Industry Training Centre is the format in which we are “rolling out” our Franchise Network. This will occur in mostly a “mobile” manner, but also with physicial sites when necessary.


Its very important that we meet our goals of (LMA in every suburb), so we have made our Franchise costs as low / affordable as possible. The vision is $200.00 (approx) per week, you can receive a loan and buy your own “slice of LMA”….and away you go! : )

It’s also very important to note that on the “other side of the coin”….we have made tuition affordable, at a cost of approx $4.00 per day from the family budget for the music industry training programs, and $1.00 per day for small group tuition program.

We can take students on their music industry journey from beginner, right through to a Diploma in Music Industry Level of Training (VIA RPL), for this very modest cost.

Noone needs to miss out on ELITE Modern Music / Music Industry Training! : )